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Mindfulness, shadow work and transformational journals, planners and workbooks
curated with neuroscience, integrative somatic healing & yoga psychology wisdom.

Fruitful a-ha's and deeper insights can be lost without taking pen to paper. Through neuroscience-based coaching and FMRI brain scan research we have discovered that mindfulness savoring techniques help clients to create rapid transformation in 1-3 sessions. I've found the effects of any movement or healing practice, paired with my journaling approach, and my signature OVERRIDE™ neuro coaching method creates change in weeks, not years, and enhances your results 10 fold. My REWIRED Challenge was also created utilizing this framework and approach. 

All of my digital journals, planners and workbooks are designed to help you focus on ONE PRIORITY per month.

With over two decades of program and professional curriculum design and teaching expertise., I've discovered how to integrate simple neuroscience-based mindfulness strategies, with your journaling and healing practices to help you remove the overwhelm from personal development, self-care, and goal setting.

These journals, workbooks, and planners will guide you how to create mindful awareness, better thinking habits, effortlessly guide you to create alignment with your deep core values, and then put them into actionable steps and daily practices that lead to deeper lasting transformation. I look forward to helping you cultivate a deeply healing journaling practice.

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